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"Where Passion Becomes Profession"

Synergy Micromobility Pte Ltd (a.k.a Synergy Scooters) is a destination shop, meaning to say, people seek us out. We are not defined by what we sell, but rather by who we are. We have built a business around what interests us, and that in itself is the full business plan. We have acknowledged that getting our customers interested in what gets us going is a way to grow a sustainable business.

"From Bicycles to Electric Mobility"

We started off getting involved in bicycles over two decades ago. The thrill of riding and performances drove the nature in us to build things with our hands as a reaction to the digital life society is living today, and to reconnect with a life our hands once knew.

In 2016, we ventured into electric mobility. We became one of the evolving pioneers in personal mobility devices retail for on and off-road terrains, especially our signature custom built race performance, personal electric scooters for e-sports. Unfortunately, due to changes in local regulatory requirements in Singapore and some riders misusing their performance race e-devices, it inevitably affected us.

"Practitioners of 100+ Year Old Technology"

Synergy Micromobility core principle is that we are practitioners of 100+ year old technology and not the guardians of it. Nothing that we do isn’t so proprietary or secret that a customer cant peek over our shoulders or ask a question. Our shop is a place where arrogance and attitude have no place.


We work with metal, rubber, electrical and will gladly explain our process to you. We build all sorts of micromobility devices with our customers, inviting them in on the process. Again, getting them excited about what excites us is a great way to create a relationship that is far beyond a sales transaction. Buying a device off the rack or online takes 30 minutes or less but building a device with us draws us into your imagination.

"We Sell What We Use & What We Ride"

We are a full service micromobility shop. We sell what we use and what we ride, which makes selling easy as we have no requirements for sales staff. We are not concerned about how much stuff cost over the internet because we are not competing on prices. We focus on what the internet can't take away from us, which is the human relationships and expert services. “You can't tune a derailleur over the internet - perfectly”.


"Creating Fulfilment in Every Journey"


"To create, inspire and deliver fulfilment to act in accordance with good stewardship of the lives and resources entrusted to us."

"Riding Changes Lives"

We are passionate about bicycles and all personal mobility devices. The positive results that happen when we ride towards our physical and mental well being or even the environment. We are riding experts who commute, bike, race, cycle, scoot and spin. We speak the language of riding. – and sometimes, we get into “trouble” 😊.

We are a progressive team of riding experts who are creative, enthusiastic, open-minded and approachable.

Synergy X Asian Detours.png

In December 2019, we have successfully merged with veteran outdoor and adventure company, Asian Detours Pte Ltd. This renewed lease of life opens opportunities for Synergy to grow the business in a quicker and more profitable manner than normal organic growth would allow.

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