“Get the thrills out of the RIDES that support it.”

E-sports level performance is not by coincidence but a serious commitment of habitual refinements. Skillset that predominantly Synergy's signature over many many years.

Simply to say, we touch what we ride and we have ridden A LOT!


Trust us when we take your “precious” on a SPA like no one can or even join our *professionally curated trips.

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Preventive Care for Best Performance

The maintenance schedule for a bicycle or personal mobility device (PMDs) can vary somewhat on how often it's ridden and what condition it's in, to begin with.


Bicycles that are ridden off-road, on the road or in the rain will need a little more TLC as compared to one that explores the PCN once per month. PMDs wears differently depending on its purpose of use, be it for work, to work or running simple errands.


Preventive care is the best policy for the best performance. Choose from our comprehensive service packages for the best overall value. We also offer a complete menu of ala carte repairs to address your individual needs. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and diagnose your issues.


As always, assessment and estimates are free and performed while you wait. We will inform you by text message when your service is complete.






We offer 48-hour turnaround on repairs with appointments. To make an appointment, bring your bike in for an assessment. Our friendly maintenance experts will evaluate your bike and schedule your repair.



Do you have an emergency and need your bicycle repaired and returned in less than 48 hours? Please contact us right away and we'll make every effort we can to help you with an expedited bicycle repair.


If you live in Singapore, we are able to pick up and drop off up to four bicycles at a time for repairs at an additional fee of $100. Please call in advance to schedule.