We have complied the following Frequently Asked Questions by our customers. Have a question on Ebikes, EScooters or Bicycles? Check out the Questions & Answers below.

How do I know if my Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter is allowed / approved for use in Singapore?

It is legal to purchase and use a LTA Compliant Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter in Singapore. However, there are laws as to where you are allowed to use these devices in Singapore. The devices also needs to conform to the regulatory & safety certification requirements for use in Singapore. There are specific areas that an eBike or eScooter can be used in Singapore. The devices also needs to conform to the various technical specifications and safety standards for use in Singapore. For Electric Scooters: For Electric Bicycles: For More Information, you may visit the Land Transport Authority's Website at: www.lta.gov.sg

Are there any courses I can take to familiarise myself to Safe Riding in Singapore?

Yes! The Safe Riding Programme (SRP) by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is available for all Active Mobility Users (such as cyclists, personal mobility devices users, delivery riders). The structured programme aims to equip cyclists and users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) on safe riding practices, responsible use of Active Mobility (AM) infrastructure, the Rules, and Norms, Code of Conduct which translated into the Active Mobility Act. The SRP programme is available for all to attend and familiarise yourselves with the local regulations, safety & best practices as well as to use our micromobility mode of transport graciously. Learn more on the Safe Riding Programme here: https://weare.asiandetours.com/micro-mobility/safe-riding-programme/

Do you provide Regular Servicing or Preventive Maintenance?

Yes we do provide servicing & maintenance services for micromobility products such as bicycles, electric bicylcles & electric scooters. For example, SYNERGY's Bicycle Plus+ Plans for bicycles.