Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Outdoor and Adventure designers, curators and specialist in experiential learning.

“Adventure isn’t hanging off a rope on the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life”
– John Amat

We are very interested in leisure group rides, bike camping & adventures, mountain biking, e-scooting and performance devices for sports/e-sports. Those may seem strange for a shop in urbanised Singapore, but we have tapped into a desire that urban dwellers have to escape or detour from the norms, be it only for a few hours or a weekend. We organise trips for on and off-road ride experiences on a regular basis.

Whether you seek an experiential learning adventure through our Park Connector Networks featuring Singapore as “City in a Garden” or an adrenaline pumping session in the only internationally competition certified trail in our stronghold at Pulau Ubin, we certainly know what it means to go from mild to wild in a safe and fun way!

On the riding front, Asian Detours occasionally runs a public education campaign, the Safe Riding Programme by the Land Transport Authority as well as the developers and facilitators for the training curriculum for PMD Ride Safe and Safe Riding for Pedal and Power Assisted Bicycles in collaboration with NTUC Learning Hub.

Understanding how social graciousness on common spaces is an essential block of Singapore’s infrastructure development by looking at our Transport 2040 Masterplan as a car-lite city and a sustainable low carbon emission nation.

Credentials that we continue to build on:-

Asian Detours Management Team (Left to Right: Mr Denis Koh, Mr Colin Koh & Ms Nicole Chua).

i. Our group managing director, Mr Colin Koh, has been riding for the last 3 decades extensively all over the world and good duration of that, professionally. He is also a certified national cycling coach and master trainer for AD’s various activities.

ii. Our group operations director, Mr Denis Koh, is an appointed member of the Government’s Active Mobility Advisory Panel since 2015 who have created the recommendations on the Rules and Norms, Code of Conduct translating into the world’s first Active Mobility Act. He is also a committee member for FoPCN by National Parks Board and Chairman of Big Wheel Scooters Singapore, the country’s largest PMD community with almost 27,000 members.

iii. Our group business development director, Ms Nicole Chua, is an exco committee member of Outdoor Learning and Adventure Association. She is a certified executive coach, Workplace Health Consultant, Certified International Cultural Engagement Specialist and a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant, she has been actively integrated coaching and experiential learning methodologies into the design of shared experiences and culture building for teams to achieve sustainable team development and engagement.

Synergy Micromobility Team (Left to Right: Mr Samuel Tan & Mr Andy Yeo)

iv. Synergy managing director, Mr Samuel Tan, has been riding for over a decade. He has a flair for adventure and is a pioneer for the evolution of PMDs on not just being just a device for daily commute but performance devices meant for e-sports and longer distance commuting. He has developed proprietary configurations and produced many customised enhancements and his prowess has been taken as a reference both locally and overseas.

v. Synergy technical director, Mr Andy Yeo, is the technical expertise and has substantial experiences in custom builds including stringent work processes. He oversees the quality and safety assurances and this is detrimental to the customers’ satisfaction. As the company grows regionally, he will be ensuring Synergy’s footprint remains consistent throughout the avenues.